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Put a Lockdown on your grocery bill!

Posted in Medshield Lifestyle & Fitness   |   May 12th, 2020

The JustRewards Grocery Benefit programme is a fully digital coupon system that allows you to get exclusive discounts on selected grocery items by simply downloading your coupon code and presenting it at any Checkers, Checkers Hyper or Shoprite store during your next checkout.

All JustRewards ExtraCare members will now have FREE access to the Grocery Benefit programme until the end of July 2020 to help lessen the impact of the national lockdown on their budgets in the time ahead.

To register for this amazing offer, simply click here

You will receive an SMS and email within 48 hours confirming your successful registration and gain FREE access to the benefit programme. You will also receive our quick start manual to help you understand how to use this benefit.

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