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Cover for hospitalisation

What is your in-hospital scheme benefit (hospitalisation) requirement for the upcoming year?

Procedural co-payments may apply, refer to the brochures

Cover for chronic conditions

Do you require cover for more than the Prescribed Minimum Benefit Chronic Disease List conditions including HIV/AIDS?

Please see below for a full list of chronic conditions that fall within the standard PMBs and those covered by the Chronic Disease List.

Out-of-hospital or day-to-day benefits

Below please indicate which statement best describes your annual spend on all day-to-day benefits including professional services (eg specialists, GPs and psychologists), medicines (eg over-the-counter and prescribed), optical, dentistry, scopes and screening benefits for the upcoming year?

*PSA is your Personal Savings Account, where applicable

Needs Analysis

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Summary of requirements

  • IH cover
  • Chronic cover
  • OOH cover

Important Notes

  • The Wellness Benefit covers certain screening tests and preventative care paid from insured benefits
  • Where applicable, unused funds in your Personal Savings Account will carry forward to the following benefit year.


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*Subject to underwriting and confirmation after a completed application is received by Medshield.