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Why You Need to Take a Look At Hospital Plans

At Medshield, we cannot emphasise the importance of fully understanding the fundamental difference between hospital […]

Posted on - January 25th, 2021

Why Invest in Our Affordable Medical Aid Scheme Today

With the world suddenly far more aware of physical health and wellbeing than ever, you […]

Posted on - January 22nd, 2021

Seeking a Quick Medical Aid Comparison? Here are Our Products in a Nutshell

Life, along with its moments of joy and delight, comes with unexpected lows and challenges. […]

Posted on - January 18th, 2021

Researching Medical Schemes: Top Tips for Choosing the Right One

Outbreaks of viruses, road accidents, even a genetic predisposition to life-threatening conditions all mean that […]

Posted on - January 11th, 2021

Researching Hospital Plans in South Africa? Here is What You Need to Know

Over the years, public healthcare has steadily deteriorated. Most people would prefer to avoid public […]

Posted on - December 7th, 2020

Meet your Medical Aid Needs with Medshield

For quite some time now, medical aid, particularly related to private schemes, has been a […]

Posted on - November 30th, 2020

Medical Aid Made for You in South Africa

For the foreseeable future and possibly forever, medical aid is here to stay in this […]

Posted on - November 23rd, 2020

Key Tips on How to Compare Medical Aids and Their Benefits

In South Africa’s current economic and health climate, it is unfortunate that many who need […]

Posted on - November 16th, 2020

Hospital Plan, Fundamental to Medshield’s Essential Medical Cover

No one deliberately sets out to plan and do something so irresponsible or hazardous that […]

Posted on - November 3rd, 2020

At Least Have a Look at Hospital Plans

No one ever plans to be admitted to hospital, with the exception of elective surgery […]

Posted on - October 19th, 2020